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Vascugenix is a medical device company focused on developing innovative products to improve interventional cardiovascular procedures

Our first developed product, the Speed-Torque, is a device designed to improve the process of guidewire manipulation during Percutaneous Coronary and Peripheral Artery Interventions. Its unique, patented design enables physicians to manipulate a guidewire comfortably with one hand, freeing up the surgeon’s extra hand and enabling them to keep their full attention on the patient and the percutaneous guidewire rather than on the torque device. Speed-Torque will ultimately save physicians time, hospitals money, and improve patient safety. 


The next generation in torque devices


The next generation in torque devices

Improving both Safety and Speed for Interventional Clinicians.


Better than the competitors


  • Single-Hand Use
  • Use Without Visual Ques
  • Doesn’t Bend Wire
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Luer Tip
  • Time To Reposition < 3 seconds

Single-handed operation of the Speed-Torque offers improved speed and safety.

Speed-Torque Features

The Speed-Torque does NOT change proceedural technique. Additionally, because the Speed-Torque integrates with existing equipment, minimal training is required. 


Simply push the distal end of the toggle to “click” and lock onto the wire – no need to continuously press to hold the wire. Depress the proximal end of the toggle to disengage the wire and the Speed-Torque slides freely on the wire.


Our patented lure tip seamlessly attaches to the introducer eliminating the need to remove the introducer during the procedure.


Familiar laser-cut, knurled handle for consistent comfort, tactile grip, and slip resistance.


Low Profile

When the toggle is engaged on the wire it will not interfere with torquing and positioning of the wire.

Luer Tip

The male luer tip allows the torque device to be attached to the introducer for single unit efficiency.


No Wire Damage

The toggle’s locking arm is made of plastic and won’t damage or deform lubricious-coated wires.

Device Clinical Review Sites

Each of these Health Systems have associated physicians who have worked with us to evaluate the clinical performance and efficacy of the Speed-Torque

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Contact Us

We would love to connect with you. Please complete the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.